Hi, I’m Cory Cavin.

Welcome to my website. It was built in a Hollywood tech lab by Alan Thicke. I hope you like it, Alan works very hard.

I am a comedian, actor, and writer in

New York City. I've won two Emmys, four Webbys, and an award for “Most Creative” in the 8th grade. I've made sketches for MTV's late night comedy show Nikki & Sara LIVE. Before that I was the head blogger at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and I made videos for VH1's Best Week Ever website.

Here's my reel and some comedy videos. My web series Model Wife was nominated for a Writer's Guild Award. I'm in a sketch comedy group called Awful DJ. We made a web series for Above Average called The Trunk. It features SNL's Jason Sudeikis. You should come to a show of mine sometime.

My blog is featured in Tumblr's comedy spotlight. My twitter is @corycavin. Contact me here.